Mister Keith Ayling
Mister Keith Ayling

SONG CLUB is a live music night hosted by Keith Ayling, with two guest performers at each event.

Previously known for ‘K’ and ‘KATO’ and most recently as Mister Keith, Keith Ayling is keen to pass on thirty years of songwriting experience in a new format – launching on Sunday 20th November at Costa Coffee, Kenilworth. This free event will give the audience opportunity to hear great songs and the chance to quiz the songwriters on how it’s done via interview and Q&A. It could later be released as a podcast.

“It’s Parkinson meets Jools Holland – or a ‘live audience radio show’. I’ve done something similar before when I hosted a show for Greenbelt FM. It was a festival radio show with a live audience and was the highest rated for five years.”

Keith has released 14 albums so far in a thirty year career during which he has studied for a Masters degree in songwriting. It has taken him all over the world, working alongside the likes of Midnight Oil, DumDums, Delirious? and Martyn Joseph. For this first event Keith has invited Ortopilot, a youtube musician from Manchester who has no less than 30 million hits and 120,000 subscribers. His cover of Dylan/Adele’s ‘Make you feel my love’ has had over 2 million views.


“I met Matt when we were working for cancer charity CLIC Sargent. We both help to run the summer residentials where we offer (recently diagnosed) young people the chance to make music. I run the songwriting and Matt runs the recording studio. He’s a really talented musician and producer and it’s rare to get him out of the studio – so this is a real treat for Kenilworth and fans of the youtuber.”


Alongside Keith Ayling and Ortopilot will be local songwriter Sophie Lewis, a Kenilworth School student at the start of her career, writing her first album. “I love giving people opportunity and Sophie has something. She already writes and sings well and has great potential. She will be a real encouragement to other songwriters who are starting out.”


“The night will bring experienced well-known musicians alongside local talent and asking them about how songs are written and the meaning behind them. Great songs have a deeper meaning – it’s often buried but classic songs tell stories of life, love, and faith in something greater. That’s why we love them.”


“I’m really hoping people grab the idea. I’ve had interest from Kenilworth School students and seasoned songwriters already saying they’ll be there. Sharing ideas and skills is what makes communities great and there’s no reason Kenilworth can’t be known as a hotbed of songwriting talent.”

But essentially the night is for anyone who loves live music! If you love great songs, great conversation and great coffee, there’s no reason not to come.

Sunday 20th November  |  7.30pm  |  Costa, High Street, Kenilworth