Mister Keith Keith Ayling

Mister Keith: Record of Wrongs

March 2014, Vinyl, CD
Umbowler Records

Produced by Dave Lynch

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KATO Songs to help you survive

KATO: Songs to help you Survive

August 2002, CD
Elevation Records (ICC)

KATO Welcome to my world

KATO: Welcome to my World

April 2001, CD
Elevation Records (ICC)

KATO Seasider

KATO: Seasider (US release)

1999, CD
Rhythm House Records

KATO Home Movie

KATO: Home Movie

1999, CD & Cassette

KATO seasider

KATO: Seasider

1997, CD & Cassette

KATO The 39 Steps

KATO: The 39 Steps

1996, CD & Cassette

K Sense

K: Sense

1995, CD & Cassette

K: Know

1993, CD & Cassette

K: Tell

1992, Cassette

Keith Ayling: K

1991, Cassette

Keith Ayling: Mystery Train

1990, Cassette

Keith Ayling: Lonely Heart Street

1989, Cassette

Keith Ayling whirled

Keith Ayling: Whirled

1988, Cassette

Keith Ayling shine

Keith Ayling: Shine

1987, Cassette